We offer private piano and keyboard lessons which improves kidís learning skills!

 Solo Music Studio piano class is a wonderful way to give your child a broad appreciation of music. The piano is also an educational tool that can help accelerate a child's development. Piano study is extremely rewarding. When a youngster learns the discipline required for accomplishment, it carries over to their adult life..
Studying Piano Teaches Concentration
A child learns to read two lines of music, use both ears, arms, legs, feet, and all ten fingers, with the brain giving each body part a different assignment to perform simultaneously
Studying Piano Teaches Coordination
Piano lessons also develop coordination of both mind and muscles, which transfers to many daily activities, including improved hand-eye coordination, greater enjoyment of sports and competition, and the full use of both the left and right sides of the brain.
As a child begins to experience the benefits of concentration and coordination, he or she also begins to experience a sense of confidence. Completing a difficult task is very rewarding and this allows the child to feel good about what he or she has accomplished. Learning piano is one of the best methods of instilling confidence in a child. When children study piano, they may not only improve their academic performance, they also feel special about themselves
The benefits and skills obtained
through piano lessons:
Self esteem,
Enjoyment of music,
Improve study habits,
Life-long appreciation,
Memory development,
Hand-eye coordination
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