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Karaoke is a form of entertainment where a  singer accompanies recorded music. The music is of a well-known song in which the voice of the original singer is absent or reduced in volume. Our belief is that you don't have to be a star to enjoy singing. Everyone is born with an innate desire to sing and regardless of ability level this should be encouraged, not suppressed. We are proud to provide our karaoke lessons for individuals of any age to express themselves through this personal form of interactive entertainment.
At Solo Music Studio we offer more than 10,000 songs for karaoke classes in English, Russian and Ukrainian. You can chose your favorite melody, style, appropriate key for your voice, printed lyrics.
Our karaoke repertoire has superior quality with professional back-vocal, that makes you enjoy the performance. You can also order recording your favorite karaoke songs on CD and use it for any occasion ( contest, stage performance, parties and any event).
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